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2017 Brings us Back!

As many of you know we took a break from pet care back in 2012. We had a few HUGE things that happened that year and it was affecting the level of care we were able to provide along with the mental toll that was taking on us.

To put things into a big of perspective we moved from our home in Keller towards the end of 2011, had to stay with family until our new property was ready, whenever that would actually be, and had a baby in Feb 2012, that baby was born with CHD (Congenital Heart Defect), which we were NOT expecting. Boy oh boy did that turn our world truly upside down. 

My sweet wonderful Husband, Michael, stayed the course serving our clients while I stayed in the hospital NICU with our fragile new son, and the stressors just kept piling on. We were finally able to move into our new country property in May of 2013 and maintained most of our existing clients for as long as we could until coming to one of the most difficult decisions we have had to make with our business. We were hanging up our hats and taking a step back from the pet care world to focus on our new son, existing children, dogs, and just overall mental health.

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