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As many of you know we took a break from pet care back in 2012. We had a few HUGE things that happened that year and it was affecting the level of care we were able to provide along with the mental toll that was taking on us.

To put things into a big of perspective we moved from our home in Keller towards the end of 2011, had to stay with family until our new property was ready, whenever that would actually be, and had a baby in Feb 2012, that baby was born with CHD (Congenital Heart Defect), which we were NOT expecting. Boy oh boy did that turn our world truly upside down. 

My sweet wonderful Husband, Michael, stayed the course serving our clients while I stayed in the hospital NICU with our fragile new son, and the stressors just kept piling on. We were finally able to move into our new country property in May of 2013 and maintained most of our existing clients for as long as we could until coming to one of the most difficult decisions we have had to make with our business. We were hanging up our hats and taking a step back from the pet care world to focus on our new son, existing children, dogs, and just overall mental health.

We had some wonderful guests this past weekend. Pugsly the courageous pug, Clover the sleek greyhound and Cody the lovable lab. Pugsly was a very entertaining guest to have this weekend. He was on full blast all weekend long. He was ready to play and be loved on 24-7. Clover is a regular guest of ours and did wonderful as usual. W/ the exception of her food tipping hobby she was flawless, Cody was another happy go lucky guest that was super excited to play with everyone and be loved on.

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Ok so I have December’s Paw Clients, January’s, February’s and March’s client pics to post..I am working on a new way to post these photos for you to view that is less time consuming. I have tons and I do mean tons of pics to post.

I am soooo sorry for those of you that are anxiously waiting for your pawkids pics but please note I have them loaded to my computer now I just need an efficient way to post them. If you would like to see them NOW please email me personally and I will email back with the pics of your pawkids that I have collected while they were in our care.

As many of you may have noticed our blog has been down due to technical issues. I have finally got it back up and running properly. Our busy schedule had this blog on the bottom of our priority list…for that we apologize. I look forward to getting back to sharing pics of your babies while they are with us. I often find myself taking way to many pics to load efficiently so I am working on a way to fix that problem as well.

We have had lots of pups come and go since December and lots more expected this month. I will do my best to update the blog with the pups from Dec, Jan and Feb.

We have with us Daisey, Lucy and Clover sharing this holiday season in our home. We will have more photos of them over the next few posts but for now here you can see that the party doesnt stop when the sun goes down over here 🙂 They are enjoying both day and night time fun. Clover & Lucy do not have day time pics yet because my batteries are currently charging and will be ready to go with tomorrow’s daylight!

Here are our pet sitting clietns over the Thanksgiving Day Holiday. We had a blast caring for everyone. Sorry so short, its been very busy this holiday and were beat.

Enjoy our photos 🙂

We have had a very eventful Thanksgiving Day Holiday weekend here at the 24 Hr Pets home. Thank you all for being patient with me in taking forever to post these pics, im falling asleep as im typing this now.

We have had Kobe [ a boxer ] , Chakoe [ a boxer ] , Cowboy [ a pit bull ] , Chloe [ a chocolate lab ] , and Hitch [ an English Mastiff ].

Please enjoy the photos below :