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End of April 2009 – Pugsly, Clover & Cody

We had some wonderful guests this past weekend. Pugsly the courageous pug, Clover the sleek greyhound and Cody the lovable lab. Pugsly was a very entertaining guest to have this weekend. He was on full blast all weekend long. He was ready to play and be loved on 24-7. Clover is a regular guest of ours and did wonderful as usual. W/ the exception of her food tipping hobby she was flawless, Cody was another happy go lucky guest that was super excited to play with everyone and be loved on.


Puglsy & Clover …. Pugsly is in love…..


Cody & Pugsly hot on the trail

“Oh what is that?”

“I know I just saw it move…”

“Wait where did it go…where is Clover?”

“Im right here silly boy..”

“Ummmm sun bathing…”

“Wait what did I miss?”

“I have captured it, an intruder. I will keep you safe my sweet Clover.”

“Where did she go again?”

“I will come to you my love.”

“I will find you again…”

“Oh…there she is lets play it off…stud my stuff in my cool fly guy trot.”

“Is she even paying attention to me?”

“I will just have to throw my sexy beast gait to her. Thanks to daddy for my good genes.”

“What is my silly boy doing? He is such a stud muffin.”

“I will fetch you some water my love….”

“Let me try this way….”

“Dang it, if only I could find a way to take it back to you…”

“What are these two youngins doing?”

“I’m coming …”

“Wait trying to carry water…silly Pugsly were dogs.”

“What is that boy doing now?”

“Dah well…”

“Oh this is good, get this on film.”

“Clovers for my Clover…”

“Sniff sniff, smells so good I cant stand it!”

“whooooo I feel it in my bones!”

“Ahhhh I cannot take it anymore, my sweet clovers!”

Pugsly: “Wait baby its not what you think!”

Clover: “I can’t leave you alone for one min.”

“Go ahead and leave, I have my sweet clovers to keep me warm!….I look good don’t I?”

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